On stage, I feel at home. I like to create characters, to use body and voice for emotional purposes. To pass on a message, to make the other person feel. To sing for one and dance for one thousand. Or the opposite, depending on the days.

I like to laugh and to make others laugh. Or the opposite, depending on the days. High heels or not, long dress or not, long haired wig or… no, not that.

I like to be at home. And I really like to be on stage.


dance teacher and choreographer

dance classes


If all children dance, why don’t adults?
I’m certainly not the most exempt person to talk about the advantages of learning to dance ... because they are obvious and everyone should do it!
Would you like to learn to dance with your soulmate, with a group of friends or alone? Need something that distracts you from work stress or a relaxed hobby that gives you energy for the next day? Do you think you lack coordination and have two left feet and finally decided to 'deal with it'? The answer is the same: DANCE!

There are endless styles of dance, with me you can learn the following:

- Ladies ShowTime (Cabaret, Broadway, Burlesque, Pop, Latin Fusion): classes exclusively for women, which address the more feminine side of movement; sensuality and elegance are key words of these classes, where there is always a positive energy and good environment between all

- Social Dance (Ballroom Dance, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata): partnering dance classes, they promote interaction among students while helping to improve coordination, rhythm, posture and body movement

If you feel that you do not yet have enough confidence to enroll in a dance school you can always choose private lessons, tailored to the student (or students) individual needs.

But better than reading about it is to see:

Broadway ShowTime (with Ana Cartaxo) @ Jazzy Dance Studios

Rock dance lesson (with Daniel Courinha) and Kizomba @ KRZE Camp 2015

Videoclip “No Kola” (Ricky Boy) with Kwenda Lima

wedding dance lessons


The first dance of the bride and groom is a crucial moment in the wedding and the right choice for this moment is fundamental! Would you like to waltz? Or do you want to surprise the guests with something more radical? Do you have any romantic music that reminds you of your love? What about doing a medley of several songs? Everything is possible to brighten a day that will be unique and special, share with me your idea.


In addition to the bride and groom dance, there is another almost indispensable ritual in the preparation of a wedding: the bachelorette party! And to celebrate this day full of feminine energy, there is nothing better than a Ladies ShowTime dance class, where you can learn a sensual and elegant choreography (in the Burlesque / Cabaret style), in a healthy and very lively gathering of women!

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of preparing a wedding, Sara Claro’s classes, with their professionalism, friendliness, willingness and ability to help build the perfect surprise for the guests, were moments of relaxation for which we longed during the week, and they allowed us to simply relax and enjoy.
— Andreia e Mauro



"Recent studies say ..."
Well, it does not take any recent study to know that satisfied workers raise business productivity.
(But if you need some study you can read this one, where you can read "Employees believe that they work in an excellent company when they consistently like the people they work with.")

And who has never heard the expression “Dancing makes you happy“? (To be honest, it works better in Portuguese…) The ones that don’t believe it are the ones that haven’t tried!
My experience as a dance instructor in several companies (Liberty Seguros, MetLife, Mars) proves the two facts described above: the relationship between workers, combined with healthy activities and increasing levels of trust and happiness (as is the case with dance) promotes a good working environment and increases the success of a company. And why not make lunchtime or late afternoon funnier? Dance classes, flashmobs, teambuilding ... there are no limits!